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If you want to feel sexy and beautiful...do this:
Get Kira Derryberry to take your picture wearing either very little or nothing at all. I did it and I had so much fun; I felt really beautiful not to mention completely comfortable, safe, and confident during the entire session. Kira has this great way of getting the most out of you- it never felt contrived- and it was super fun! Then afterward you have this gorgeous thing that captures you at your best. Every time you remember you have these pictures of yourself, you smile. I wanted to go for it (the full monty!) and not only were Kira and her assistant consummate professionals, I felt like she really captured the best part of me. When I look at my pictures, I feel beautiful inside and out. I'm 46 and would do it again in a heartbeat... 50 would be a long time to wait, but what a great way to celebrate! - W.G.
My experience could not have been better!
My experience with Kira Derryberry from SHE Boudoir could not have been better! I was nervous before I came but when I walked in I was instantly entertained, relaxed and comfortable. As someone who has never had their picture professionally taken before, Kira was wonderful at making me feel at ease in front of the camera. Throughout the entire shoot, she walked me through everything to make sure I was comfortable. She also made sure I was having fun as she kept me laughing the whole time! I had these pictures taken as a gift for my fiance on our wedding day and I cannot wait to give them to him because I know he is going to love her work as much as I do. The whole experience was so much fun and Kira is so talented that I will be recommending her to all of my girlfriends!" - E.A.
I've never considered myself a knock-out...
I've never considered myself a knock-out. I'm more of an athlete than a glamour-puss, and I’ve always felt more comfortable with a pony-tail than with a fancy blow-out. Furthermore, I just turned 44 and recently gained ten pounds with my new desk-job. Was I planning to pose for a photographer, all super-dolled up in heels, fake eyelashes, and lingerie? Absolutely not. A dear friend asked me to be part of her special-event boudoir photography party with She Boudoir, though, and I thought, "Oh, why not? I'm not getting any younger."

I am so very glad I did it. One word describes the entire experience: fun. Choosing what to wear and getting a glam mani-pedi before the shoot was fun. Chatting with my friends in a luxe hotel suite while sipping champagne and getting hair and make-up done by talented and friendly professionals was fun. Being treated like a model in my own, private photo shoot was great fun. Looking at the final photographs? Fun, fun, fun! I looked great, and so did my friends. I pull my pictures out and look at them regularly, and I show them to just about everybody. Thank you, Kira, and thanks to your staff. You were all great, and I felt comfortable every step of the way. I'll see you again when I'm fifty! - Caroline.
The entire boudoir shoot process was fun and relaxing.
It is rare to find a photographer with the technical skills to take superb pictures, and the artistic "eye" to make their subjects look fabulous. Kira is that photographer.

The entire boudoir shoot process was fun and relaxing. The end result was more than I could have ever wished for. Thank you, Kira, for making this mother of three beautiful for a day! - J.T.
I won't lie - I'm one of those girls who enjoys getting dolled up from time to time.
I won't lie - I'm one of those girls who enjoys getting dolled up from time to time. I love putting on a great pair of heels, a little more makeup than normal, and going out on the town! But, the idea of prancing around in my skivvies while someone takes my picture... not high on my list of priorities, if you know what I mean.

When I contacted Kira at SHE Boudoir about a year anniversary gift for my husband, she was extremely professional, which made me more comfortable right away. She patiently listened to my worries about the shoot, and even recommended what I could wear to emphasize my "stronger areas," and work around the ones I'm not so crazy about.

The shoot was more fun than I expected, and Kira did a great job of coaching me to look like I knew what I was doing! And the result?: Photos that I am exceptionally proud of. I initially did the boudoir shoot for my husband, but I love looking at my photos when I'm having a "blah" day, or when I just need a boost of confidence. And, my husband loves them, too! - B. G.

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