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May 2012

Session Spotlight Mrs. G. | Tallahassee Boudoir Photography

Session Spotlight Mrs. G. | Tallahassee Boudoir Photography

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I’m so glad to have the opportunity to show off another beautiful session! While the majority of the sessions that we do are for just one person, this particular one was for two! Two best friends decided to spend the ultimate girls day out and get glammed over together for a double boudoir photo session! Both ladies arrived together and then spent the day chatting, helping each other choose outfits, and enjoying mimosas until I whisked one off to be photographed. They each wanted to do something to surprise their husbands for a special occasion. Here is Mrs. G in all of her glamorous elegance! She’s already shown them off to her husband (and her mom, and her friends) and I hear they were a big hit! Check out her testimonial below!

Hair & Makeup: Bethany Taylor
Images used with permission

I admit that I had my reservations and fears about boudoir photography, but at a friend’s suggestion, I took the leap as an anniversary gift to my husband. The whole experience was so much fun and made me feel feminine and sexy again. I absolutely love my photos and I’m not embarrassed at all to show them off. Best of all, my husband was very surprised by the unique gift and loves them as much as I do.

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