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Nov 2011

Intimate Exposure | Behind to Scenes at a She Boudoir Session

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Wow! What a day! We’ve had an amazing response to our featured segment that aired last night on WCTV. Thank you Lauren Searcy for coming out and spending the day with us to film this behind the scenes segment on what we do! We’ve received so many emails and I personally have been fielding phone calls all day from both women who want to know more about how they can get this glamorous session for themselves AND from men who are dying to give this as a gift to their wives so they know how beautiful they are!

Thank you so much to Hotel Duval for providing a gorgeous location and to Lisa Mergal from Kanvas Beauty and Bethany Taylor who both made our gal Emily even more gorgeous for her photo session! We can’t wait to keep hearing from and you telling you more on how we can make this happen for you!

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Oct 2011

Shopping Vintage with Dollhouse Bettie Lingerie

Shopping Vintage with Dollhouse Bettie Lingerie

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So you’ve scheduled your session but still stuck on what to wear? Of course there’s always Victoria’s Secret, but sometimes it’s fun to shop outside the box. That’s why we love Dollhouse Bettie! Sweet, vintage, and sexy, Dollhouse Bettie encompasses classic boudoir style. From pin up to vintage lace, they’ve got the style and selection that is sure to make your boudoir session unique! So click on over and be prepared to stay a while! You are sure to find something just right for your upcoming session or just a little something for yourself!

For a limited time, She Boudoir clients, friends, and fans can enjoy a special discount at Dollhouse Bettie! Use the coupon code BOUDOIR to save 15% off your purchase of regularly priced items! This sale won’t last long! The coupon is valid 10/12-10/25 so be sure to take advantage of this amazing offer! Offer only valid on regular priced items.

Here are some of our favorite looks. Images shown are all from Dollhouse Bettie and used to represent their products.

For more of our favorite looks, visit our Pinterest Board, Lingerie to Inspire


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Jun 2011

Why I love what I do

Why I love what I do

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At my first boudoir party photograph viewing, I was so nervous about showing the images to my clients that I was shaking. I was sweating. I was fumbling with the cords to the TV. I had no idea how these women—none of them professional models—would respond to their new boudoir shots. The images went up, and I held my breath, not knowing what to expect. Imagine how I felt when I heard cheers. They were clapping! Whistling! Hugging each other with excitement! As I stood back, I couldn’t help but hear what they were saying, and something struck me. While the women couldn’t stop talking about how gorgeous they all looked, they also wanted to talk about how much fun they had had modeling. My favorite comment, in fact, one I heard over and over, was that they wanted to do it again. They wanted to tell other friends about it, so that they could do it, too. They couldn’t believe how easily their nervousness had transformed into confidence, and—most importantly— they couldn’t wait to show their photos off. It was clear that each client felt more happy and beautiful in that moment than she had before the shoot. In all my years as a professional photographer, I don’t think I’d ever had that effect on anyone before.

Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to work with many women, all types of women, most of whom don’t even understand how truly beautiful they are. Most of my first-time clients have never even had traditional professional photographs taken, let alone boudoir portraits, so trust me when I say they are often very nervous. They’re anxious about outfits, colors, shoes, makeup, hair styles. And of course, most clients come to their sessions particularly worried about posing in lingerie in front of a stranger. So, when it’s time for their viewing, they’re often prepared for the worst. Why? Because they hope for the best, but they’ve never before experienced the pleasure of being professionally styled and photographed. That’s where I step in. I offer help with what to wear and how to prepare. I provide professional make-up artists and hair stylists, if clients want me to. And I support clients when they are nervous or embarrassed. If I can make them laugh, I can get a great shot. So, the most common response when my clients sit down to view their images? “I can’t believe that’s me. I look so pretty!”

I can’t even explain how much that means to me. When I’m able to show someone how beautiful she is, my heart wants to burst. So, if you’re wondering if this type of photo shoot is right for you, I’m telling you that it is. Read through my clients’ testimonials, and you’ll see that they think so, too. Be a little self indulgent. Enjoy the experience of a professional photo boudoir shoot, and then enjoy having beautiful photos of yourself to show for it. Allow me to help you celebrate yourself.

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