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Mar 2012

Alana Wins! | Tallahassee Bridal Glamour & Boudoir Photography

Alana Wins! | Tallahassee Bridal Glamour & Boudoir Photography

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Some of you may have heard about the HUGE all inclusive wedding give away from Hotel Duval. I was honored to become a sponsor for such an event at my favorite Hotel! When I heard them announce this winners, Alana and Paul of Tallahassee, I couldn’t help but get emotional. Her whole family was there, everyone was crying, and this young couple could not look more excited! They so deserve this prize! Alana is an amazing and strong young woman. From my conversations with her during our session it’s overly apparent to me that Paul is already a fantastic and selfless partner to her. I encourage you to head over to the Weddings by Duval site and read their story. It is incredibly touching.

Did I mention that Alana’s images came out gorgeous?! This girl can WORK a camera! She is, of course, naturally stunning and after her make over and a few posing tips she turned into a regular super model! By the time her big day comes around she’s going to have been photographed so many times by so many of the top photographers in Tally, she’s going to feel like a celebrity! I’m happy to be a part of the paparazzi. Congratulations again to her and Paul!

MU: Lisa Mergel, Kanvas Beauty
Hair: Bethany Taylor


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  1. Catherine Taylor
    Apr 12, 2012

    GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful work!

    • Kira
      Apr 12, 2012

      Thanks Catherine!

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